Salvagnini Panel Benders

Salva choose P4

Lean panel benders are providing finished bent parts fully automatically, thanks to freely programming, in variable batches, even one off – so that every work piece could be different shape geometry without any set up times. Variations in material features are measured and corrected during bending cycle through patented and unique MAC2.0 (Material Adaptice Correction) technology. System enables that first part is precise and good minimizing material loss.

Thanks to modular construction, panel benders can be configured or equipped acc. to different customer needs. it can be integrated to different work phases, like into automatic storage systems, punching and right angle shearing centers, combi machines, fiber laser cutting or press brakes. For material handling there are several auotmated options available.  

Salvagnini Lean panel bender increase efficiency and productivity, because as thump rule, it replaces work load of three to six press brakes. The bigger the panels get and more complex bending geometries are, the bigger difference there is between panel bender and press brakes in terms of cycle time, required number of operators, repeatability or bending quality etc. In best cases, even ten operators per shift are moved from press brake operating to do other tasks in production.


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