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FredBest Customer Service

With experience of nearly 4000 machines and equipment delivered in the market, FredBest customer service provides large variety of hourly or daily fee based maintenance services and productized service packages for the different phases of the machine life cycle. With these periodical actions, reliability, safe use and productivity of your manracturing machines increases. Proactive planning of service program actions makes easier to follow and keep the maintenance budgets. Our factory trained service technician resources and also direct channels to manufacturers for technical support and original spare part sourcing guarantees successfull problem solving.

User training 

Acc. to your needs, machine training can be started on manufacturers site and will be ended always after installation in your factory. 

Scheduled maintenance

Proactivity of maintenance work, correct timing and minimizing risks of unexpected failures increases you productavity and it has effect to safe working environment. 

Maintenance and repair services

Our local service techncian network and our well equipped service cars makes possible to do all repair needed all over in our market area.

Spare part service

We offer spare parts immediately ready for delivery from our local storage and via orders from our stock of our manufacturers normally within 24 hours.

Yearly maintenance programs

In addition of significant cost reduction benefits, preventive maintenance programs save valuable production time, because scheduled maintenances can be done in advance planned time slots. 

Fredretro Modernization Services

Machine modifications, retrofits or control modernization are planned indivudually based on customer requirements. Actual project is executed either at the customer site, in Fredko workshop or in manufacturers factory acc. to needs of the each project

PMB puristin Fred Retrofit

Fredspare Consumable and Spare Part Service Saves Time and Money

Fast FredSpare consumable and spare parts service offers customer high quality and original factory parts delivered in time and correctly, because Fredko has created wide network of relations with machine manufacturers and other suppliers over the decades. This way we quarantee you direct connections to original machine information and spare part sources. 

Our local support and advicing service is available to our customers every working day year around at Local spare part service has most important consumable and spare parts straight from our storage and also rest of the parts usually through over night deliveries depending on the manufacturer stock availability. Fast response time and short delivery times minimize production stop times and guarantees your machine high rate of useability. By joining FredCare maintenance program, members get -10% discount on spare, consumable and other minor parts. Also members of Fredko maintenance programs has lower service and repair work fees. 

FredBest manufactuers and spare part channels:

Press brakes, shears and other sheet metal machines:

Uzma, Ermaksan, Haco, Durma, Ursviken, LVD, Mecos (Salvagnini), Donewell, Pullmax, Dimeco, Stierli, Zopf, EHRT, Stam, Biegemaster, Tapco, Mectools


PMB, AP&T, Aros, Tranemo, Lagan, Talent, Dirinler, Sahinler, Mäder, SMV, Rönnqvist, Ficep

Tube processing and structual steel

BLM, Adige, Herber, Ficep,Uzma, Ficep


FMB, Simec, Adige, Klaeger, Ficep

Tools and other consumables :

Euram, Bors, Parma Stamp, Pb engineering, Hypertherm, Mubea, Gamma, Meab, Matrix, Bebr.Hezel, Imac, Rolleri, Rotobloc, Compac, Anma, Almi, Scotchman, Gimec, Eckert

Feeders and material handle :

PA, GPA, Rapidair, Dimeco, SV metal, Peddinghaus

Wire bending and welding machines :

BLM, Whilelegg, Thomson&Hudson, Gebr. Hezel, Cemsa, TTe, Laser Isse

Consumables of shot blasting machines :

Wheelabrator Plus, Schlick, Gutmann, Georg Fischer, BCP, DISA, Spencer Halstead, Tilghman Wheelabrator, BMD, Sisson Lehmann

Fredcare Maintenance Program is Proactive and Saves Money

During the maintenance program visit, Fredko service technician executes FredServe inspection check for the machine and FredSafe security audit with predeterminated service task list.

Every machine service report includes:

  • Report and results of security audit tasks
  • Notices and findings made during inspection
  • Listing of possible spare parts that need to be changed
  • Other possible needed maintenance tasks

FredServe service inspections has set package prices starting at 290 euros. FredSafe Security Audit includes and fulfills official requirements about machinery safety usage in the form of machine inspecrtion card.

Appr. required machine stop times of planned and proactive scheduled maintenance tasks are showed in the offer. Scheduled services and maintenance repairs have reduced pricing for FredCare maintenance program customers.

Changed comsumable and spare parts during FredCare scheduled maintenance visit are being charged seperately and FredCare members receive 10% discount.

Fredadvi Local and Maintenance Support

Local service support and on-line advising is available every day all year through by FredBest service team. Our competent and factory trained customer service team will support in problem solving in fast and efficient way.

FredAdvi maintenance support is free for FredCare maintenance program customers and it is part of every FredBest service package. If we succeed to solve customer problem with our maintenance support without using any of our other services, we will be charge for our service afterwards based on service report of 80 euros vat 0% / hour with steps of 15 minutes, minimum charging is 20 euros  (VAT 0 % ) + invoicing charges.

Fredstart Installation and Commissioning Service

With our installation and commissioning service your new machine commissioning proceeds in systematic way and on schedule. Production start up testing and acceptance protocols confirms correct delivery content and ensures that delivered machine is working properly as promised. 

Service pack scheduling:

Fredko service technians arrive to site acc. to pre-confirmed schedule and install machine, commission and start up machine and give operational and safety training. To ensure mutually good planning, scheduling is always recommend to agree 30 days in advance.

Special Requirements:

Customer provides Fredko service technician lifting equipments needed and if required, human resources for material handli ng and lifting.


After commissioning and production start up, separate Acceptance Protocol will be fulfilled and two copies signed stating possible open issues of the delivery and schedule for those to be fixed. 

Fredtrain User Training

Fredko service technicians gives user training for the customer according to predifined extent and content.

Service pack schedule

To ensure mutually good planning, scheduling is always recommend to agree 30 days in advance.

Service visit content

During training period, production machine is needed for the use Fredko service technician. The lenght of training period is depending on size and automation level of the machine. It is recommended that max. 3 operators or programmers will participate training at one time.

Fredsafe Security Audits Guarantees Work Safety

We recommend to include yearly security audit to your yearly maintenance package. It fulfills all official requirements for safe use of machinery and yearly inspection. You get report for executed security audit tasks and findings. 

Package price starting at 90 euros (vat 0%) with satisfaction guarantee.

FredPlan Consultant Services

We will help our customers with decision making and planning even before investing, so they always have best justifiable solutions. We plan for example factory layouts or carry out processes 3D models with the help of our partners or supervisors. One important element is productavity and wanted product technology fitting and ensureing. Through us we can also offer internets solutions, like digital product information controlling with PDM cloud service, distant control and control systems and processes

FredPlan consultation keeps inside also machine and device investing and finance solution survey and planning trough partners.

– supervisors and machine manufacturers own funding companies and funding partners. 

– local financial institution.


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