Fredspare Consumable and Spare Part Service Saves Time and Money

Fast FredSpare consumable and spare parts service offers customer high quality and original factory parts delivered in time and correctly, because Fredko has created wide network of relations with machine manufacturers and other suppliers over the decades. This way we quarantee you direct connections to original machine information and spare part sources. 

Our local support and advicing service is available to our customers every working day year around at Local spare part service has most important consumable and spare parts straight from our storage and also rest of the parts usually through over night deliveries depending on the manufacturer stock availability. Fast response time and short delivery times minimize production stop times and guarantees your machine high rate of useability. By joining FredCare maintenance program, members get -10% discount on spare, consumable and other minor parts. Also members of Fredko maintenance programs has lower service and repair work fees. 

FredBest manufactuers and spare part channels:

Press brakes, shears and other sheet metal machines:

Uzma, Ermaksan, Haco, Durma, Ursviken, LVD, Mecos (Salvagnini), Donewell, Pullmax, Dimeco, Stierli, Zopf, EHRT, Stam, Biegemaster, Tapco, Mectools


PMB, AP&T, Aros, Tranemo, Lagan, Talent, Dirinler, Sahinler, Mäder, SMV, Rönnqvist, Ficep

Tube processing and structual steel

BLM, Adige, Herber, Ficep,Uzma, Ficep


FMB, Simec, Adige, Klaeger, Ficep

Tools and other consumables :

Euram, Bors, Parma Stamp, Pb engineering, Hypertherm, Mubea, Gamma, Meab, Matrix, Bebr.Hezel, Imac, Rolleri, Rotobloc, Compac, Anma, Almi, Scotchman, Gimec, Eckert

Feeders and material handle :

PA, GPA, Rapidair, Dimeco, SV metal, Peddinghaus

Wire bending and welding machines :

BLM, Whilelegg, Thomson&Hudson, Gebr. Hezel, Cemsa, TTe, Laser Isse

Consumables of shot blasting machines :

Wheelabrator Plus, Schlick, Gutmann, Georg Fischer, BCP, DISA, Spencer Halstead, Tilghman Wheelabrator, BMD, Sisson Lehmann


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