S1 Multipress Kombi Punching and Laser Cutting Center


Punching center consists of patented SPD- hybrid power supply that has programmable stroke lenght and Thick Turret- tools.

S1 pihti

Twin gripper feeding is equipped with freely programable pincers, which allow to cut and punch the whole piece without any waste.

S1 kasetit

Overall 41 pieces of Thick Turret – tools (B, C and D stations) are placed in tool cassettes and every tool has their own hybrid power supply with programmable stroke lenght. Comparisions and customer reviews confirms that cycle times of Multipress punching are 30…100% faster than on any revolver machine, because efficient working time is wasted on tool change time and sheet movements are optimized.

S1 laser

Laser cuttings are executed by integrated IPG 2…3 kW fiber laser resonator, which has Salvagnini patented Dry Cooling cutting head. Also Acut -compressed air cutting system available as standard.



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