Punching machines for bars

Punching machines for bars

EHRT punching stations are traversing across the bar in Y-direction by CNC. Gripper feeder is introducing the bar in X-direction. EHRT quick change tools for thick material, similiar to Thick Turret type of tools, are mounted in the cassette type tool station sledge.

FlexPunch and Holecut Professional Punching machines for bars

HolecutFlexPunch 01

FlexPunch and Holecut punching machines can use Multitools, like 3in1 or 6in1, which increases the total tool amount upto 28 pieces and also set ups with Quicklock-system becomes faster.

EHRT panostus

EHRT is offering also automatic bar loading systems, like AMZ loading table or Gantry systems. With fully automatic Gantry system connected to EHRT punching machine, all processing of bars, like storing, punching, tapping, cutting, marking and unloading can be done according to orders with Just-in Time principle without any manual set ups needed.  

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