FMS S4+P4 Line

19services 5automation s4 p4 intro
  • The S4X+P4X line punches, shear and bends metal parts from standard blanks with no intermediate hadling of the partly machined workpieces.
  • The first prototype dates back to 1979 and is a landmark in the development of systems for integrated logistics.
  • The S4X+P4X lines can be configured in a variety of ways, from the simplest to the most complex and highly automated, with devices for loading and unloading to and from automatic storage systems

Salvagnini’s Flexcell production cell

Sheet metal parts ready with one go without test pieces in Flexcell production cell, which can be built modularily around customers personal Lean- needs.  

 In sheet metal bending flexbility and productivity is combined in P4-Lean-bending automation machine and B3-hybrid


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