Fiber laser automation

Salva suutinvaihto

Basic features of Salvagnini 2D fiber laser cutting are efficient cutting process and automatic handling of the piece and especially picking and stacking of single cutted pieces. One of the newest feature is automated nozzle change, which allows to cut with fiber laser cell different thickncness of materials without manual set ups.

Salva Flexcell

Fiber laser fits perfectly to cut pieces as part of the Flexcell- production cell concept, where single pieces can be cut freely programmed by fiber laser. Bending process is done in flexible Lean bending cell which consists of panel bender and press brakes.

Compact storage tower for sheet loading and unloading


Space requirements and continious manufacturing process demands is guiding development of fiber laser material handling into more compact format. For this reason Salvagnini has launched new compact storage tower for loading and unloading. Unique unloading fork type device with rolling belts allow cutted sheets to be stacked together with sceleton into fairly accurated piles.


More advanced picking and sorting of single cut parts are available several modular solutions to be configured based on space and unloading address requirements.

Salva MCU

LTWS storage tower and MCU picking and sorting device combination

L5 LTWS final

Salvagnini is the market leader in the fiober laser cells with automated material handling, especially in sector of part picking, sorting and stacking equipment, such as LTWS material high tower and MCU- picking and stacking device type os solutions.


Salva SVS

For programming of slug or partly cut sheets, Salvagnini is offering SVS option, which is optical ang graphical piece placing programming feature. System transfers photo image taken by camera in cutting head into vector graphics and after user can program freely on top of that interface. Partly cut sheets images can be arranged into specific material stock management system inside the program.


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