Adige LT8.20 Compact Fiber Tube Laser

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Adige LT 8 Compact

Adige LT8.20 Compact is fiber laser for tubes containing versatile 3D cutting library for beams and chain loading device for single tubes and beams. LT8.20 is capable of cutting 12 meter long tubes and beams with max. diameter of 240mm or 200*200mm.

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Adige LT8.20 models are available with drilling and threading units similar from LT14 and LT24. Also Flow Drill featurea available. Drilling units have 7 location tool storage.

Active Weld welding seam recognition for LT Fiber Tube Lasers

BLM active weld

Active Scan camera system is used also to scan tube for weld seam detection both from the inside and the outside. Scanning time is 2,5…6 seconds.

Programming directly from 3D model with Elements product family

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Office programming of tube lasers and tube benders has 3D Import feature, which enables to make programs directly from 3D models fior bending and straigtened tubes for cutting. Also possible finetunings can be done and saved to 3D model in .stp format and those corrected 3D models can be send with 3D Export feature

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