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FredBest Customer Service

With experience of nearly 4000 machines and equipment delivered in the market, FredBest customer service provides large variety of hourly or daily fee based maintenance services and productized service packages for the different phases of the machine life cycle. With these periodical actions, reliability, safe use and productivity of your manracturing machines increases. Proactive planning of service program actions makes easier to follow and keep the maintenance budgets. Our factory trained service technician resources and also direct channels to manufacturers for technical support and original spare part sourcing guarantees successfull problem solving.

User training 

Acc. to your needs, machine training can be started on manufacturers site and will be ended always after installation in your factory. 

Scheduled maintenance

Proactivity of maintenance work, correct timing and minimizing risks of unexpected failures increases you productavity and it has effect to safe working environment. 

Maintenance and repair services

Our local service techncian network and our well equipped service cars makes possible to do all repair needed all over in our market area.

Spare part service

We offer spare parts immediately ready for delivery from our local storage and via orders from our stock of our manufacturers normally within 24 hours.

Yearly maintenance programs

In addition of significant cost reduction benefits, preventive maintenance programs save valuable production time, because scheduled maintenances can be done in advance planned time slots.